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Untitled Strategy Game

Is a military themed hybrid between Turn Based Strategy games (TBS) & Auto-battlers. It will use a powerful, multithreaded simulator coupled with an optimized, low latency networking solution, allowing you, and your friends to engage in massive battles.

*Since the game isn't released yet, submit a form to have the demo and full game emailed to you.

Please Note:
1.) The game is very early in development,

a lot of visuals and most UI is temporary

2.) I'm a coder, not an artist. Until I can get specialized

art for my game, I'm using a couple of asset packs from the Unity Asset Store.

My name is Brett Orlando, & I have a question for you: You ever find yourself playing a game like Starcraft 2 or AOE, but struggling to find the time to be able to compete and play fast enough?

Or, are you playing something like chess, or Stratego, and find that, even though it fulfils your strategic needs, it starts to get boring and stale? Well, what if I told you that I have a game that gets the best of both worlds!

Introducing my latest title: Untitled Strategy Game, with Puzzles, Skirmishes, Multiplayer and more, bundled in one, easy to learn, but skill rewarding game.

Go to your labs and get new units, learn new upgrades, to make the strongest army on the battlefield.

Phase 4, The R&D phase:

Phase 3, Battle Phase:

All tiles that have two differnt armys on it will engage in battle.
You will place all of the units you control on your side of the field any formation you choose. When the battle is over, the units remaining will keep the tile.

The primary game mode, skirmish, leaves you and your opponents on a map made of hexagonal tiles, And is split into 4 simple phases. where everyone goes at the same time.

During this phase you can build structures an

units on the tiles you control. Structures you build can

only build 1 unit per turn and cannot build during the

same turn they were built.

Phase 1, The Build phase:

Move your units around the map, discovering new tiles, recources and landmarks.
A quick but important phase.

Phase 2, The Moving phase:

Keep going throught the phases until theres only one player alive, who will be crowned winner.
If you wana play multiplayer, you will have the choice to play agains random opponents.
And my incorperating an MMR system, you will always be playing against people about your level.

Register to receive an email containing the demo and key for the full game.

Additionally, you can add feedback or cool ideas as well.

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Donations help me add new content to my game.

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